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Change this one thing to lose more fat and build more muscle on keto

 What a week! This was an off week for me. It started off, Tues, with a late-night video shoot at the gym. I didn't get to bed until after 1am. Then, I was being less than smart about some late evening "decaf" coffee Wed evening. I was up until almost 4AM before I fell asleep. That threw the rest of the week into a spiral of inconsistent sleep. 

To finish it off, last night was a late night again, and I had to get up at 4AM this morning to drive Nat to the airport. 

Needless to say, physiological stress, training, and recovery have all been completely out of wack this week.

Is it a surprise that my numbers are all over the place today?


If you aren't sleeping well and getting enough of it, you will stall your progress. You need sleep to help reduce inflammation, restore metabolic efficiency, and build muscle. 

Secondly, even if you are making progress, being inflamed will mess with the readings on a body comp scan. If you're not happy with your numbers and you've been staying on track with your macros and resistance training, the numbers going wonky are probably due to something else.

Week 8 Trends

BMR: +9 cals

BW: +4.2 lbs

SMM: +1.5 lbs

BFP: +1%

Body Composition for this week

Average Daily Macros for the week
Protein: 183g

Fat: 176g

Carbs: 8.6g

Average Daily Cals = 2350

Big jump in body fat this week. I kept the fat below 180 but with the way this week went, I have no way of knowing if that would have resulted in fat reduction under better circumstances. I'll shoot for 175g of fat next week and make sure I get better sleep and workouts to see if that's below my Max Energy Threshold (MET).

Side Note: Almost 1000 cals below my TDEE and I gained fat this week....... Still, think CICO is a thing?


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