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Building Muscle without Carbs or Gaining Fat - Week 4 Update

Today is my 50th birthday and I'm just getting started! This week I bumped my fat up a little bit ....if you consider 30g a little bit. πŸ˜‚ At the end of my cut I was at 135g of fat per day. I dropped it to 125g for the first couple of weeks while I increased my protein after it being so low for a while.  This last week I was shooting for 155g of fat to start locking in my Maximum Energy Threshold (MET). It seems that 145g - 155g is still not enough fuel to halt my fat loss.  Finding out my MET gives me exact data that I can use to manipulate my energy intake and find a balance between managing body fat and satiety. The idea is to not be hangry or stressed over food too much. Body Composition for this week. Body Fat Mass is down 2.2 pounds Body Weight is pretty even Skeletal Muscle Mass is up 1.5 pounds Body Fat % is down 1.2% Average Daily Macros for the week Protein - 185g Fat - 145g Carbs - 6g

Building Muscle without Carbs or Gaining Fat - 3 Week Update

 Here's my body composition data so far. I break it down in this video.

Week 1 Progress - 5/11/22

It feels so good being able to eat more. I missed my protein. πŸ˜‚ I hopped on the InBody this morning to see if the last few days of more protein have made any changes yet. Looks like 1.4 pounds of body fat mass down and almost 1% body fat % down as well, with .4 pounds of SMM gained. I'll take it!! Measurements (inches) Neck 15.75 R Bicep U/F 12/14.5 L Bicep U/F 12/14.5 Shoulders 48 Chest 42 Waist 31.5 Hips 39.5 R Thigh H/Q 20.5/23 L Thigh H/Q 21/23 R Calf 14 L Calf 14 Food Log Workout Back Squat - find a heavy 6 rep - 8 x 1 @RPE 8  SS Leg Extension - 5 x 12 Leg Curl - 5 x 12 KB Around the world 3 x 10

Building Muscle Without Carbs...Is it possible??

  Starting Body Composition

End of the High Fat Cut

Not doing a show so this is the best you get. Overview and how it went This process was 7 months long and really took me out of my comfort zone. I started in the middle of October 2021 and ended in the middle of May 2022. The goal was to see how lean I could get while following Rob Sikes' (@ketosavage) Ketogenic Body Building Show Prep protocol.   His protocol is much more fat-focused than mine. My protocol would be to keep my protein above 1.25g per pound of lean mass (200g) and to drop my fat to as low as 75g depending on how aggressive I wanted to be. I have successfully used this method to reach 8% body fat. I never felt hungry or like I was in a restrictive mindset. The only downside I had doing this was a general lack of energy and being lethargic throughout the day. The process with Rob started with high fat, like 220g...🀯and right off the bat, I knew I needed to mentally prepare to do things differently. It was also low protein at first. He had me