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Burpees with Mom

Burpees with my mom Claire Dant on her birthday weekend. This woman turns 65 tomorrow. She's been our biggest supporter over the last 4+ years and she has embraced a lifestyle of fitness and the pursuit of wellness. At 60+ she started personal training. Never before had she ever done anything like this for her fitness. (outside of some Denise Austin and Jane Fonda videos in the '80s). After a while, she started CrossFit and it's been an amazing experience watching her grow in strength and self-confidence along the way. I have seen the limitations that age can place on us if we let it. It's not pretty and it makes life hard not just for the elderly but for everyone in their lives. Self-reliance and personal freedom are the end result of fitness and health. The ability to do for yourself instead of relying on others is what I want for my mom and everyone else. Fitness is about personal freedom not how much weight you can lift. Way to go, mom! I love you!